Medical Courses

At Worcester Online we offer medical professionals individual, one-to-one online OET preparation training courses by Skype or Zoom. One-to-one training means you focus on what you need and not the needs of a whole group of people. It is more expensive that group tuition but you get directly to the point, so in the long run it can be more cost effective.

If you are working and need to study for your OET exam at the same time you will be able to arrange your online OET sessions with your Worcester Online tutor directly to fit in with your busy life. And because you have complete control you can allow the time you need to finish your homework tasks before your next lesson.

If you have already taken your OET exam and have dropped your marks in one or two OET skill areas you and your tutor can decide between you the areas you need to focus on and you can pin point the help to improve those scores. Our tutors are skilled at bringing out the best in you!

We offer two packages of lessons: a 4-week programme for those who need fine tuning, and a longer 8-week package for those starting out. You can always add another course package once you have finished the first, so you can continue for as long as you need. Click the links below to see more

Our associate company, Worcester Medical, is an authorised OET test venue which means we know what is required to pass the OET test. You can study with us and, if you live in the UK, you can take your test with us too.

Everything Perfect...

"The way our teacher taught us was just excellent, made everything clear & easy to understand. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. I found everything perfect!"
SK - February 2020