Worcester Online English Coaching

is part of Worcester Education Limited which has its headquarters in Worcester, UK. It is run by Sue and Rick Johns who started English training in 1988 and have earned a world wide reputation for providing the highest quality English language and cultural skills training to professionals.

Sue and Rick Johns are famous for running Kingsway English Centre, Worcester. This British Council accredited shool started in 1988 and closed after the pandemic struck in 2020. In those 32 years they developed a sense of perfection in everything, so even though Worcester Online is not accredited, you can be sure it is run to the same (if not better!) standards.

“We have been involved in online English training for many years. Back in the days when internet connections were slow it presented us with lots of problems; however these days with the excellent conferencing platforms like Skype, Teams and Zoom, and our own dedicated 100Mb/s leased line, things are a real breeze! We look forward to working with you soon”

Sue & Rick Johns, Directors

We also do training in the UK

If you prefer to do your training face-to-face in the UK we have a training centre in Worcester, central England. Please take a look at our Worcester School website for more information.

“The quality of the coaches, they are amazing, very kind, lovely, very interesting and impressive people. The kindness of the staff is unique. Thank you for everything”
NB, Hungary, June 2021

“You provided a supportive and friendly environment. It has been a great experience for me and has opened the window of opportunity towards achieving my goal”
TS, Germany, October 2021

“I was taught by such a good coach. They were excellent, patient, funny, sensible and professional. I learnt a lot, thank you!”
LR, Lithuania, November 2021