Worcester Online English Coaching

is part of Worcester School of English which has its headquarters in Worcester, UK. It is run by Sue and Rick Johns who started English training in 1988 and have earned a world wide reputation for providing the highest quality English language and cultural skills training to professionals.

“We have been involved in online English training for many years. Back in the days when internet connections were slow it presented us with lots of problems; however these days with the excellent conferencing platforms like Skype, Teams and Zoom, and our own dedicated 100Mb/s leased line, things are a real breeze! We look forward to working with you soon”

Sue & Rick Johns, Directors

We are accredited by The British Council for the teaching of English at our training centre in the UK. This accreditation gives you a guarantee of certain minimum standards and a clear course of action should you need to complain. We cherish our accreditation, and we continually try to improve our service quality.
We are also a member of our national association, English UK, which represents the very best British Council accredited English language training institutions in the UK. One of the major functions of English UK is to maintain professional standards and teacher training – an aspect which we firmly support. All Kingsway teachers follow their own professional development programmes in-school.
We are accredited by IALC – the International Association of Language Centres. IALC is for owner-operated and locally managed language centres of excellence. Every IALC centre is regularly inspected and committed to continuous improvement in all areas: teaching, management, administration, accommodation, facilities, cultural activities and customer service. IALC language schools are quality assured and boutique. As well as outstanding teaching standards and service, they have individual character and a real connection with their local community.
“The quality of the coaches, they are amazing, very kind, lovely, very interesting and impressive people. The kindness of the staff is unique. Thank you for everything”
NB, Hungary, June 2021

“You provided a supportive and friendly environment. It has been a great experience for me and has opened the window of opportunity towards achieving my goal”
TS, Germany, October 2021

“I was taught by such a good coach. They were excellent, patient, funny, sensible and professional. I learnt a lot, thank you!”
LR, Lithuania, November 2021